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Compact & High-Performance Fulfilling Rigid Professional Demands

Kubota Combine DC-68G

Minimal Loss:
Less than 3% of
harvested materials

Speedy Operations
The powerful Driving Force makes it possible to complete operations in an exceptionally speedy manner

Operational Efficiency
Improving overall operational efficiency is the large Grain Tank that contributes to saving both time and labor

Lightweight & Compact

Superior Durability

Maximized Operational Efficiency with Powerful Driving Force

Powerful and Speedy Operations
Mounting the powerful 67ps Kubota Diesel Engine delivering a Maximum Operational Speed of 1.85m/s that currently one of the highest available in this class among all manufacturers, this Kubota Combine undertakes harvesting operations not only with greater speed, but also more efficiently. It should further be noted that this outstanding product has power to spare to ensure that threshing continues smoothly even when encountering the large load conditions in fields or with voluminous crops.

Powerful 67ps Kubota Diesel Engine
Built for precision and reliability at the Kubota Engine Plant in Japan, the large-displacement, high-output 67ps Kubota Diesel Engine has power to spare to ensure that all field operations are completed with remarkable success. It also displays incredible tenacity even when encountering large loads under adverse conditions.
Enhanced Fuel Efficiency together
with Low Noise and Vibration
Kubota’s unique combustion system translates not only into more efficient fuel consumption, but also to lower noise and vibration.
Environmentally-Friendly Performance
The Model V2403DI-T Kubota Diesel Engine mounted on the Model DC68G Kubota Combine incorporates innovative Kubota technology that maximizes combustion efficiency to contribute to minimizing emissions while delivering an environmentally-friendly performance.
Kubota Diesel Engines Hold
Largest Global Market Share*
Renowned for their reliability and durability, Kubota Diesel Engines have achieved the largest global market share in the category of 100 HP or smaller industrial-use diesel engines.
*(Source: PSR Survey 2007 excluding single-cylinder models)

Outstanding Processing Capacity with Minimal Loss

Efficient Harvesting Enhances Productivity

The application of Kubota’s unique compact design technology results in Model DC-68G being equipped with the Wide-Diameter, Long Threshing Cylinder with Axial Flow - a feature that increases profitability by enhancing the precision and efficiency of harvesting operations while contributing to a minimal threshing loss of less than 3%.
Bi-Stream Feed
After passing through the cone-shaped access to the Wide-Diameter, Long Threshing Cylinder with Axial Flow, two Feed Screws are responsible for the Bi-Stream Feed that smoothly and efficiently transports the cut crop forward to the Threshing Cylinder.
Wide-Diameter, Long Threshing
Cylinder with Axial Flow
Having a diameter of 620mm and a length of 1615mm, the Threshing Cylinder with Axial Flow is noteworthy for its consistent threshing capabilities that minimize threshing loss as well as damage to grain even when large loads are encountered in paddies or in voluminous crop conditions. As a result, operations continue smoothly and efficiently with minimal threshing loss.

Large Concave for Efficient Separation
Made of steel wire and boards, Kubota’s unique Concave features exceptional wear performance to enhance durability. Not only are even wet crops able to smoothly and efficiently pass through its openings without clogging, but its large area also contributes to minimal grain loss during separation.
Superb Cleaning Performance
Kubota’s unique 3-Way Air Stream Cleaning System employs three air streams to remove chaff. In combination with the oscillating movement of the Sieve Case, a superb cleaning performance that contributes to minimal loss is achieved.

Operational Ease For Enhanced Efficiency

Realizing the Highest Levels of Efficiency and Precision
The incorporation of innovative design considerations has contributed to Kubota’s ongoing success in achieving optimal maneuverability that is a factor in realizing the highest levels of efficiency and precision during harvesting operations. Among such considerations is the low center of gravity - a unique feature that contributes to remarkably stable travel. In addition, the convenient location of the Cab at a lower position enables the operator to remain constantly aware of crop conditions in greater comfort even after many hours on the job.

Easy Operation and Monitoring of
Operational Conditions
All operating levers and meters are conveniently located within easy reach of the operator - a factor that ensures that all operations are handled with the utmost ease. This contributes not only to operator fatigue being significantly reduced even after long hours on-the-job, but also to the enhancement of operational efficiency.

①Reel Height Lever
②Maneuvering Lever
③Range Shift Lever
④HST Lever
⑤Accelerator Lever
⑥Threshing Clutch Lever
⑦Reaping Clutch Lever
⑧Unloading Auger Swing Switch
⑨Unloading Auger Up / Down Switch
⑩Grain Discharge Clutch Lever
Variable Travel Speeds with the HST Lever
The simple, stepless movement of the HST (Hydro - Static Transmission) Lever with the left hand is all that is required to select the ideal speed for the specific conditions of the job-at-hand. In addition, switching the direction of movement between Forward and Reverse is easily accomplished without the use of a clutch so that operations continue smoothly without interruption.
Maneuvering Lever
Enhancing operational efficiency is the fact that such frequently used actions as making turns and adjusting Cutting Height require only simple movements of the Maneuvering Lever with the right hand.
Easy Unclogging
Requiring only the simple operation of the Reverse Processing Mechanism Lever, the Reverse Processing Mechanism - a unique Kubota innovation - easily and efficiently reverses movement in the cutting and conveying stages so that unclogging takes place with utmost ease.
Blower fan
Protects the operator from dust for smoother operation.
Dust remover
Removes dust, not only in the Feeder Housing, but also around the reaper and the workers.

Excellent Functions for Remarkable Yields

Exceptionally Efficient Grain Harvesting and Discharge
The two formidable features - the Large Capacity Grain Tank and 235 Degree Swing Unloading Auger - significantly improve overall operational efficiency without any need to repeat discharging job frequently. When it finally becomes necessary to discharge the gathered grain, the operator alone is able to do the job. This not only saves on time and labor, but it also contributes to personnel expenses being more cost effective.

235 Degree Swing Unloading Auger
With a length of 3.6 m, the Unloading Auger can be swung a generous 235 degrees while Discharge Height is easily set between 0.8 m to 4.57 m to conveniently and efficiently fill bags even if placed in a low position. In the event that the unloading operation takes place in such an awkward location as beside a body of water or along a high bank, the position of the Unloading Auger is easily adjusted for efficient discharge by the operator alone.
Large Capacity Grain Tank
A standard feature, the large-capacity 1000.litre (600kg) Grain Tank makes it possible to efficiently harvest grain for longer periods of time even in large fields.
Easy Unloading
Conveniently located to the right rear side of the operator are the Unloading Auger Swing Switch, the Unloading Auger Up/Down Switch, and the Grain Discharge Clutch Lever.
Smooth and Rapid Grain Discharge
Gathered grain is smoothly discharged utilizing the Screw-Type Grain-Discharge Method that operates at high speed to minimize any possible damage. The Screws are heat-treated to enhance both abrasion resistance and durability. Another feature is that even wet crops are easily discharged due to the fact that the Grain Tank incorporates a Vibration-Shutter.

Optimal Perfonnance in a Variety of Conditions

Noteworthy Operational Flexibility
The combination of Rubber Crawlers and light body weight translates into less pressure being exerted on ground surfaces. As a result, the chances of bogging down - even in soft paddy conditions - are significantly reduced. Also enhancing overall operational performance while harvesting is the ability of this compact Kubota Combine to make tight turns even in paddies with limited turning space.

Rubber Crawler Ideal for Paddy Operations
450 mm in width and 1680 mm in length, the Crawler Travel Units exert only a relatively small amount of Ground Contact Pressure. The result is that possible sinkage as well as damage to ground surfaces - not only in fields, but also to roads when moving from site-to-site - is significantly minimized. Further, a reliable Traction Force along with a high Minimum Ground Clearance contributes to the Kubota Model DC-68G Combine traveling smoothly and efficiently even when operations are undertaken in deep fields.
Dust Remover
Especially appreciated when operations take place in dry field conditions, the Dust Remover - an optional feature for the removal of dust from inside the Feeder Housing - reduces the amount of dust and debris accumulating around the cutting area and the operator’s Seat.
Easily Adjustable to Match Crop Conditions
The Reaper features an ample width of 2000 mm. Whether encountering tall crops, short crops, fallen crops, or exceptionally voluminous crops, the appropriate Cutting Height is simply and easily selected hydraulically.