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Simple & Easy Operation, Excellent Work Efficiency
Handy Size, Reasonable Price

Kubota Transplanter NSP-4W

Enhanced Profitability from
Precision Tansplantlng

Seedling-Friendly Transplanting Method Stainless Steel Transplanting Claws
The Kubota Model NSP-4W Walk-Behind Rice Transplanter employs the Seedling-Friendly Transplanting Method by which Transplanting Claws pick up seedling after which the Claw Extrusions push out the seedlings to securely transplant them in the soil. The result is that the seedlings are as carefully transplanted as if being by human hands. Made of stainless steel, the Transplanting Claws are easy to maintain, superior resistance to abrasion and corrosion, and retain accurate precision even after many hours of usage.
Adjustable Transplanting Factors
Such factors as Seedling taking Quantity, Hill Space, Number of Hills, and Planting Depth are all adjustable to fit cultivation modality and field conditions.

Superior Maneuverability for Enhanced Operational Efficiency

Starting Operations Simple and Easy
Transplanting operations can start immediately once the
Planting Clutch and the Shift Lever are placed in the “ON” position. After that, the operator needs to do is to manipulate the Accelerator Lever to select the optimal operational speed.
Handle Height Adjustment
Handle Height is easily and simply adjusted to permit each operator to select the most efficient and least tiring position during transplanting operations.
Conveniently Located Levers
All operationg and maneuvering controls for the Kubota Model NSP-4W Walk-Behind Rice Transplanter - including the Main clutch Lever, the Planting Clutch Lever, the Shift Lever, and the Accelerator Lever - are conveniently located within easy reach. As a result, even a new operator finds it easy to carry out transplanting operations quickly and efficiently.

Excellent Operational Efficiency

Large Seedling Platform
Replenishing seedling is exceptionally easy so that transplanting continues smoothly and efficiently.
Extended Seedling Platform
The adjustable Seedling Platform can be extended. In such a case, the frequency of replenishing seedlings is significantly reduced with the result that operational efficiency is further
Headlights with Multi-Reflector
Operations and site-to-site
travel during darkness are far easier.

Outstanding Durability

Highly-durable materials are incorporated for the Transmission and for hydraulic functions. To
prolong service life. the Oil Bath Method is used for the Feed Casing and the Transplanting Casing.

High Power & Excellent Efficiency

Powerful and Efficient OHV Gasoline Engine
with Recoil Starter
Transplanter mounts a powerful 4.3 hp OHV (Overhead Valve) Gasoline Engine that is easily started with only a light recoil action. Innovative and unique, this partnership makes possible an outstanding operational performance in a broad range of field conditions at a maximum operational speed of 0.77 m/s.
Generous Fuel Tank and
Wide·Diameter Fuel Inlet Port
The generous 4L Fuel Tank makes it possible to continue transplanting operations for many hours while the wide 64 mm diameter of the Fuel Lank Inlet Port contributes to shortening refueling time.
Conforming to Ground Undulations
conform to the undulations of the underlying ground surface and thereby maintain the Transplanter in the most advantageous operational position not only for maximum precision and effectiveness, but also to minimize any possible damage to the body.
Large·Diameter Wheels Especially
Appreciated in Muddy Field Conditions
Even in deep-tilled fields, the large 660 mm diameter Wheels contributes to the superior performance of the Kubota Model NSP-4W Walk-Behind Rice Transplanter during travel. Moreover the hexagonal-shape of the Axle Shaft contributes to superior durability.
Fender Rod for Uncompromised Safety
The Fender Rod attached to the exterior of the Guide-Rail helps prevent possible collision damage that could result in the infiltration of foreign materials.

Easy Maintenance

Highly-durable materials are incorporated for the Transmission and for hydraulic functions. To
prolong service life. the Oil Bath Method is used for the Feed Casing and the Transplanting Casing.