Our Proposal

The Kubota System


compared to handplanting,using a Transplanter
increases yields by 5% to 20%
and improves quality as well

Hand planting

Hand planting results in inconsistent row distances and hill space, leading to poor growth due to inadequate airflow and exposure to sun. Weeding is also more difficult.And, because more mature seedlings are used for hand planting, fewer shoots are growing out.


Using a Transplanter yields consistent row distances and hill space, facilitating healthy growth thanks to good airflow and exposure to sun. Weeding and fertilizing work is also easier.With a Rice Transplanter, young seedlings are used so there are appreciably larger number of shoots growing out.

Enjoy increased work efficiency
and income with a Transplanter.

Maximize workable area during limited windows of opportunity (30 days/period).

Get work done systematically with fewer people by using a Transplanter.

Hand planting

With hand planting, you’ve got to worry about labor costs for a large number of workers as well as a means for moving them around and meals.


With a transplanter, the same work can be completed with just an operator and a small number of assistants.

Make it easier on your workers with a Transplanter.

Hand planting

Hand planting involves carrying around heavy trays of seedlings and working for extended periods of time in a bent-over posture, causing lower back pain.


With a Transplanter, you need only walk along (for walk-behind type) or sit back and drive (for ride-on type).